Epoxy Countertops

Restore your countertops with epoxy. Quick, long-lasting and affordable option that rejuvenates your existing countertops.

Restore your old countertops with epoxy

Do you want to freshen up your countertops? Whether it be inside,outside, kitchen, or bar tops, Daves Heavenly Homes will design one for you! This can be installed over pre-existing or brand new countertops, and looks great in any home.

Custom made epoxy bar and countertops have been gaining popularity amongst homeowners, thanks to their durability, amazing looks and budget friendly installation costs.

Epoxy countertops are prepared on the spot, eliminating the need of having to remove your kitchen or bathroom vanity. The epoxy can be applied on top of existing concrete, wood, ceramic, metal, laminate and formica countertops. The finish result is a shiny, perfectly smooth and glossy finish that protects the surface underneath. Resin countertops are extremely versatile. We can create any color combination, add metallic pigments or glitter and even incorporate graphics and logos, making them ideal for commercial properties such as Saratoga bars, restaurants, hotels and retail shops.

Before and after projects

See how we can transform your concrete surfaces from tired looking ones to stunning brand new ones.

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Whether you are planning to restore your concrete floors at home or you have a large commercial flooring project in mind, we cater for any size flooring projects. Give us a call or email us to find more about our services or to request a FREE floor estimate for your project.

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Our Epoxy Flooring Services

From garage flooring to residential outdoor surfaces,
our epoxy floors are ideal for every part of your home.
Increase safety and improve your brand image
with decorative, hard-wearing epoxy floors.