Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Hard-wearing, decorative and safe to walk on epoxy floors for any commercial property in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and more.

Warehouse Flooring

The warehouse is the beating heart of any manufacturing or distribution business. A busy warehouse is one of the toughest flooring environments out there, with pallet trucks, stillages and fork trucks, shifting heavy loads up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Most warehouses are built with a concrete floor. Even that concrete is tough on its own, exposed to heavy regular traffic it can become chipped, damaged, tired looking, uneven and prone to damp. Damaged warehouse floors can be a trip hazard or cause costly damage to essential moving equipment. Keeping the floor clean and dust free, preventing damp and providing a safe, hazard free working environment is crucial to every warehouse.

With heavy forklift and pallet truck use, warehouse floors tend to receive high traffic. Combined with high bay racking and foot traffic, it’s important that flooring is level in order to ensure a safe workplace and proper operation of heavy machinery. Epoxy warehouse flooring provides durable finishes that can be relied upon time and time again. This includes chemical resistance, slip resistance, impact resistance and flatness. With epoxy warehouse flooring, you’ll be guaranteed a glossy and attractive finish, that can help you keep dust levels down. Our high build epoxy resin is easy to keep clean and maintain that glossy, light reflective look for years to come. First impressions really do count when clients and customers visit a warehouse, and as experienced industrial floor contractors, we’ll help you give the right first impression every time.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

More and more commercial kitchens are choosing a non-slip epoxy floor coatings as their preferred flooring. This is because sheet vinyl can rip, tear and the welded joints can come undone. Therefore, posing a health and safety threat that can harbour bacterial growth. A commercial kitchen floor requires unique characteristics to meet the highest health and safety standards. The normal choice of floor for this sector, is a heavy-duty polyurethane or epoxy quartz flooring.
These floor coatings are a must for commercial kitchens thanks to their chemical and physical properties. They are resistant to oils, food grease, organic acids and can be thoroughly de-greased, cleaned and sanitised. They offer maximum anti-slip properties in wet and dry working conditions. Epoxy Quartz and Polyurethane floors are extremely durable and have excellent thermal protection. They can withstand direct heat up to 240 degrees, allowing you to use steam cleaners without affecting the integrity of the resin floor. Our commercial kitchen floors are exceptionally hard wearing, with excellent impact and abrasion qualities, that can withstand heavy loads and are completely impervious throughout. They are also easy to clean and maintain, allowing your staff to focus on the important tasks.

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